Jul 10 2018

Pure Offset Calculation

Mike Swift

Economic language is sometimes very hard to understand. As a result, many attorneys believe that a present value calculation, requiring a “discount to present value” specific to earning capacity loss, must result in an amount less than today’s ...

Jul 3 2018

Economic Damages From Wrongful Termination

Mike Swift

The economic damages resulting from wrongful termination are substantial. An individual may become displaced from the labor market during a critical point in his or her career development. Even if an individual quickly finds re-employment following w...

May 8 2018

Worklife Expectancy as a Function of Disability

Mike Swift

An individual’s worklife expectancy is the ‘how long’ of lifetime earnings. It tells us the number of years of future earnings that should be considered when estimating a loss. A worklife expectancy can be either assumed (e.g., to Social Securi...

May 1 2018

Measuring Lost Earning Capacity from Disability: The Double Whammy

Mike Swift

Earnings and employment data emanating from U.S. government surveys provide valuable information about the experiences of persons with disabilities in the labor market. Two main facts pertaining to workers with disabilities who work year-round full-t...

Apr 24 2018

Human Capital

Mike Swift

An individual’s lifetime earning capacity is his or her power to work and earn money in the competitive labor market. The two components of lifetime earning capacity are how much an indi...

Apr 17 2018

Back to Work with a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury – Is There a Loss?

Mike Swift

Conventional wisdom would suggest that an individual with a mild traumatic brain injury who has returned to work, perhaps receiving the same or even greater compensation, has suffered no lifetime loss of earning capacity. This is a misconception. The...

Apr 10 2018

The American Community Survey as The Gold Standard for Disability Data

Mike Swift

Disability is defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as “a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.” Generally, disability can be thought of as the loss or reduction of ability from ...

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