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Certified Life Care Planner

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Dr. Tracy Witty Certified Life Care Planner

Dr. Tracy L. Witty


Certified Life Care Planner

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Dr. Tracy L. Witty is a Certified Life Care Planner with Vocational Economics, Inc. (VEI).  She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Maine and a Post-Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Boston University.  Dr. Witty is a Certified Life Care Planner and holds additional certifications with the International Commission on Health Care Certification, Functional Capacity Evaluations, and JTECH Medical.

She has more than fourteen years of experience developing life care plans, which estimate the cost of future health assessments and functional capacity evaluations for individuals with chronic health conditions.  Dr. Witty has assessed and testified in both the United States and Canada, where she has been accepted as an expert witness by the Supreme Court of British Columbia in the areas of occupational therapy, cost of future care, case management and life care planning.

In addition to her work with VEI, Dr. Witty is the directing occupational therapist of Turning Point Rehab. She oversees all business operations and provides clinical support to the other occupational therapists associated with Turning Point Rehab.

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