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Vocational Economics, Inc. Services

Equipped with a broad array of skills, our experts offer a similarly broad selection of services.  The following summarizes the various areas.  For more information, simply follow the links to pages detailing each selection.

Lost Earnings

Clients turn to Vocational Economics for analyses of lost earnings for a variety of reasons.  These include permanent disability, wrongful death, wrongful termination, and employment discrimination.

Life Care Plans

Vocational Economics analyzes the cost of ongoing medical care for a wide range of circumstances.  Our experts offer unique abilities to identify the medical needs and quantify the related cost over a lifetime in terms of present value.

Commercial Analyses

Each commercial case is different, whether for lost profits or determination of the value of a business.  Vocational Economics has provided accounting, financial, or economic testimony in a variety these cases.

Mass Tort / Class Action

Our multi-disciplined team approach allows us to tailor our expertise and our approach to meet the specific needs of mass tort and class action analyses.  We have provided analyses and testimony in cases ranging from toxic dumping to breached labor contracts.

Psychological Impact

To support claims for mental anguish or pain and suffering, many attorneys introduce testimony on the psychological impact of a disability or death of a loved one for the jury's consideration.

Vocational Economics needs a variety of information regarding the plaintiff in order to conduct an analysis. Gathering this information as early in the case as possible will help all involved to work more efficiently.

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